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Procedure concerning the external review of texts-to-be-published

In accordance with recommendations endorsed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education a  reviewing procedure is applied to all text-to-be-published in sections encompassing papers and dissertations, sources and materials as well as in-depth reviewing papers. Reviews are conducted by experts specializing in the subject of a given text. The review of each text is based on a special form (attachment 5), and the procedure is confidential and mutually anonymous.
Phases of reviewing procedure
  1. Preliminary qualification of a text is undertaken by the editors - up to 2 weeks. In this stage, a decision is made whether a given text is rejected or passed for further reviewing steps. A given text is rejected if:
    - it was previously traditionally published or put on the Internet; 
    - it infringes copyright laws; 
    - it includes unmarked borrowings from other studies;  
    - it is a summary or a compilation of some former texts, both written by the author as well as other authors;
    - it is not substantive.
  2. Passing the text to the review (form – attachment 5).
  3. Reverification after the reviewing remarks.
  4. Sending the text to the author to correction or taking a stance on the comments and suggestions  resulting of a review.  In this step, the author can withdraw his or her text, or to go back on one’s will to publish the text when he or she is not accepting remarks made by the editors. 
  5. Final edition of the text.
  6. Editors as agreed upon the author, reserve the right to the edition of the text concerning the substance in each phase of publication, beginning from the first point of reviewing procedure.
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