In the pages of  ‘Galicia. Studies and materials’ we publish dissertations, papers, sources, materials, reviews, write-ups, chronicle of scientific events and references to Galicia region. We accept texts written in Polish, Ukrainian and other congress languages. 
  1. Texts should be send via email and written in Word for Windows format (preferably in doc. or rtf.), or be mailed in paper with attached CD version. Illustrations should be saved in separate files with references marked in the text. 
    Materials should be send to:
    dr hab. prof. UR Szczepan Kozak
    Institute of History
    University of Rzeszów
    Rejtana 16 C, 35-310 Rzeszów
  2. Dissertations, papers and source materials should include: 
    - a summary written in Polish and English (about half a page) 
    - key words (no more than 5)
  3. All materials-to-be-printed should be supplemented by: 
    - basic information about the author: an academic degree and title 
    - the name and address of a home scientific institution 
    - address for correspondence, email and phone number
  4. Text should be enclosed with a statement indicating that it has not been previously published and has been only send to the editors of ‘Galicia. Studies and materials’. (attachment 1)
  5. If a given text is written by two or more authors, a statement should include information about an individual contribution to the text. (attachment 2)
  6. Authors of papers printed in ‘Galicia. Studies and materials’ are giving their assent to place their works in indexation bases and publication in online version of the journal: (declaration – attachment 3)
  7. Publications in ‘Galicia. Studies and materials’ are not chargeable and paid.
  8. Editors ask to take account of the following editorial guidelines that are recommended by the university’s publishing house. (attachment 4)
Files do download: 


Institute of History,

University of Rzeszów

T. Rejtan Avenue 16 C,

35-310 Rzeszów



NIP: 813-32-38-822